Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooling It with the NPL A.C.!

It's a Friday afternoon, and frankly, it's a little slow, considering the heat and humidity of the day, and what this little palace of literacy has to offer its patrons.

I moiself would have been happy to camp out in the Fiction Room these last two days. Throw down a sleeping bag after closing? For people who have even larger issues with the heat, I'd recommend the Children's Room, since our own Beth Reynolds has been hovering there in a sweater today.

A sweater!

One of the pleasures of working here has been the memories of people who've been coming here for years. They show me the footprint of the original structure and tell me how it used to be, before the addition of air conditioning. Triple digits!

As one of those sissies who starts to whine about my longing for ocean air once temperatures and the heat index begin to rise, I can only imagine.

Do remember us during your next case of the vapors. It's cool here, we have lots of books and magazines with which to while away an afternoon, and our sense of welcome is  palpable.

Come on down!