Friday, June 13, 2008

The Beauty of a Waterfall

What nicer surname could there be than Waterfall? What nicer Waterfall than Cornelia?

It's fitting that Cornelia's area of dedication at NPL is watering our many plants, and thank the heavens that she is here. Before she came, we did our best to remember the green friends that lend beauty and oxygen to our dailiness, but we weren't always as attentive as we could have been. The arrival of
Cornelia meant a level of attention that we just hadn't mustered before.

It's also fitting that this angel of aquarian attention should be the creator of a garden that's just a pebble's toss away from NPL. Cornelia lives right behind us in Norwich Senior Housing, and she's created an island of beauty in front of her apartment there. I stopped by recently to drop off some plants and to view her progress thus far.

There I saw a stone bench nestled at the foot of a tree, surrounded by
primrose, hostas, and Solomon's seal. There were sculptures among the forget-me-nots that reminded me of three members of a singing group, their voices raised in a doo-wop classic--or was it the Hallelujah Chorus? A soaring spiral rose in spotlighted shade.

Cornelia, who hails from upper New York state, fashioned gardens on her ten acres, linking the "rooms" of her garden with winding paths. After she arrived in Norwich, it was only a matter of time till she would create her special brand of beauty here.

Cornelia has the artist's eye. She can combine the beauty of flowers with
the whimsy of discovered objects. She reminds me of people who collect "found" poems.

I freely confess that these pictures of Cornelia's garden are already dated. Hers is a work in progress, and after all, it's spring. She's added lots of plants since I pedaled by on my bike a couple of weeks ago.

Having Cornelia walk into NPL is like getting a shot of vitamin B. Her ongoing enthusiasm and the wit of her observations enrich our days.