Thursday, December 29, 2011

Remembering Joan White

In this dark season, NPL has lost one of its warming lights--volunteer Joan White.

Joan was a faithful occupant of a Thursday afternoon slot at the Circulation Desk, one which she filled with a cheerfulness and a willingness to help. She was with us through two library directors and several versions of software and their various updates, the latter probably much more challenging than the former.

Joan took a break from us to receive treatment for cancer, then returned as soon as she was able. There wasn't a patron to whom she did not extend a warm welcome. When she announced her need for a second break, we hoped against hope that we would be seeing her again soon.

Joan didn't say much about her achievements; we had to read her obituary to learn about her many academic accomplishments and her highly regarded nursing career. It simply didn't occur to her to blow her own horn. She no doubt knew that the joy was in the moment, and it was in the moment that she remained, good-natured, deeply committed to her family, and generous with her time --to our good fortune-- to Norwich Public Library. 

Joan, we thank you for your many kindnesses, and we treasure your memory.