Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So Worldly. So Welcome. Your Card.

June 20 is hurtling toward us like a meteorite.

No, the world isn't ending, but on that date our little world will go through some changes. 

Since the summer of 2009 we have been using an open-source software system, Koha, and moving toward the full implementation of the consortium which includes other member libraries.

As so often is the case with big steps forward in technology and time, it'll be some time before we can pursue all the opportunities that come with such a move. We know that it is very likely that if you come to the desk and tell us that your name is Barbara Smith, every Barbara Smith in Vermont may pop up on the computer with your name... or at least every Barbara Smith who patronizes a consortium library.  The presentation of your card will lead us more directly to your record.

One of the great pleasures of the small town library is the opportunity to get to know the names and reading interests of our patrons. We love the more personal nature that is a part of our size. Typing in the names of patrons who are without their cards has given all of us a chance to come to know you. The knowing of our patrons makes us all the more determined to make the consortium work for both you and the library. 

In this we need your help. Please come to the library armed with your card, and should it have slipped away over the years, help yourself to one of our two new designs, I read, therefore I am, created by patron Ken Davis, and the warm and glowing look of the library as interpreted by Libby Tolman.
Both designs come as both cards and keytags. If your purse has a habit of swallowing your card, try the tag on your keychain.

It takes all of about 10 seconds to give you a new card, so let us know if you are in need of one.

Koha has already given us opportunities to extend to you. If you have signed up to receive an email when your books and DVDs are due, you are benefiting from Koha. 
And your card has so much more to offer: participation in the online language lessons from Mango; use of Listen Up, Vermont! for downloading audio books and e books, where these services ask you for your library card number.

When I try to imagine where that venerable institution known as the library will be in the next 5 to 10 years, I am flummoxed. What I do know is that, given the cast of creative and committed people with whom I work, NPL will be leading the way to meaningful innovations.

Now, go look for that card! If you need a new one, we promise to treat you like royalty.